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Incorporating Technology to Event Management

Event management may not stray too far from how it was done back in the day. However, with the advancement of technology, we cannot deny that it has also changed how we plan an event. Although the very essence of planning an event is still the same, how we actually make it happen is vastly different – and it is for the better if we may argue.

When we plan an event, regardless of the scale of the event in question, as an organizer we are always after one exact thing: efficiency. When everything we do during the planning process is deemed efficient, a successful and memorable event is not too far behind. Thankfully, we have technology for that now.

Take PouchNATION, for instance. This Southeast Asia-based event organizer incorporates technology to its event management efforts. They’re aware of the challenges in the industry and aims to come up with various technology solution to help the process of managing an event and ensure success.

In a bid to incorporate technology into their event planning and managing concept, PouchNATION began by creating the first ever NFC-based system. This system has been proven to be incredibly effective in sorting out guest registration – an area that is considered as one of the most fickle thing to deal with.

But that is not the only area that the NFC-based system can tackle splendidly. The system is also capable of handling access control, activity tracking, and cashless payments, making it a perfect solution for major music festival management. With this system, event organizer no longer has to scramble around in an attempt to handle all at once.

Guests are able to check into the venue, make a purchase in the vendors inside the festival venue, and a lot of other things with their RFID bracelets. To top it all off, the system also records every activity and purchase for data analysis purposes which allows organizers to do detailed data analytic reporting.

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